Changing the Learner Mindset

Image from Flickr Courtesy of tgraham

Image from Flickr Courtesy of tgraham

This week I’ll be co-facilitating a session on this subject with the fabulous Naureen Wilson for Learning Pool.  Our audience is a group of other L&D practitioners and the crux of the session is to highlight how (and why) we need to be supporting learners in pulling learning, rather than us in L&D constantly pushing content.  I’m really looking forward to the session for a number of reasons.

Changing the trainer mindset
We need to change the sense of L&D being a provider of services; it’s role is more consultative and that applies at a strategic, tactical and operational level.  The session will be challenging the provider mentality of supplier of courses, classes and learning.

Challenging our perceptions of evaluation
I’ve written previously about L&D focusing on metrics to justify what we do rather than measuring the outcome. I saw another example describing social learning today that said:

…surpassed its return on learning investment targets by achieving a 69 percent cumulative rating over the four quarters

Any idea what that means?  Evaluation of learning needs the learner to be evaluating to outcomes, not meaningless metric reporting.

Highlight there is more than Mexican food
I’ve received more conversation offline from this blog on this piece than anything else I’ve written about.  I think there are a lot of L&D people who want to stop rehashing the same old material but don’t know where to start.  Maybe the session on Wednesday might help.

What would you do?  How do you change the learner mindset?  How do you motivate learners to want to pull learning?

Please add your thoughts below.

4 responses to “Changing the Learner Mindset

  1. I’m really looking forward to this session on Wednesday. I think its going to be quite a challenge as we are busy on policy/procedure awareness… a push. How can we make it a pulll ?? Time to put the old grey matter to the test.


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