Features vs Benefits


I wrote earlier in the year about the illness that had wiped me out for months.  I’m still unwell and getting fed up now; at my last GP appointment on Friday I was told…more blood tests!  Yay!  Just what my arm needs, more holes in it.  So, please excuse the irony laden post that follows as I look at the features and benefits I get from being ill.

Feature 1 – Fatigue

This is the biggie…this is the key issue at the moment.  It’s a core feature of my illness (whatever they decide it may be).  The benefit from this is the amount of sleep I get.  I’m not talking about your good solid 8 hours; I’m talking about a weekly total of at least 70+ hours.  Without that much sleep I’m incapable.  It’s great to be able to map your weekends out as doing something Sat am, sleep Sat pm, bed by 11 on Sat, watch son play football Sun am, sleep Sun pm, bed by 11.  There’s a certain comfort in its familiarity that you wouldn’t get from doing entertaining activities.  It’s brilliant to take a day off like on Friday and waste it having to catch up on sleep (16 hours…great day off).

Feature 2 – Non-

This one describes what I am now…non-drinker & non-smoker.  I never drank much before my illness but I can’t drink anything alcoholic now because of the concern for my liver.  Biggest benefit is I’m a cheap date in the pub…if I had the energy to go to the pub of course. I’ve also been able to try lots of different non-alcoholic drinks; there is no good non-alcoholic beer.  The benefit from not being a smoker is the usual stuff but getting my tastebuds back is a real win.  Not being able to breath around smokers isn’t so great though.

Feature 3 – Tachycardia

You can find details of it on Wikipedia – I’m writing this on my laptop, feet up on the sofa with a heart rate of – checks pulse – 118 bpm. Biggest benefit from this is the way it comes and goes and keeps me on my toes; walking from the station on Thursday took me 3 times as usual as I had to keep sitting down to catch my breath.  It’s good fun running for a bus, I managed a 174 bpm for a 20 yard run last week.

Feature 4 – Medication

I love all my pills; they give me the energy to get me out of bed, get to work, enjoy what I do.  They also add lbs to my weight (I lost 3 stone so I guess need it back) and have given me horrendous acne on my back.  Key benefit is the added surprise they add to my day with the element of surprise they’ve brought to my significantly more frequent toilet habits.  Other surprises include the need to consume milk, a ban on fizzy drinks, and limited caffeine intake.

My apologies for my self-indulgence; if I can’t indulge here where can I?

Back to normal service later this week.

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