Wouldn’t it be a ‘good’ idea if…

Image courtesy of Pixabay
Image courtesy of Pixabay

…I wrote a blog post about things I’ve overheard, have read, have been prompted to think about?

Wouldn’t it be a ‘good’ idea if…

  • we stopped worrying about seats at tables?
    Why’s this STILL a thing?
  • we made training courses even more mandatory?
    Because that’ll make people want learning more won’t it?
  • we stated the obvious, in simple words, so people have no reason to doubt our intention?
    Our desire to demonstrate our expertise means that our use of jargon differentiates and divides.
  • we scaled up?
    Does everything have to be big?
  • we scaled down?
    Doing some of something brilliantly is better than lots of something in a mediocre way
  • we stopped doing something until we know the complete value?
    Because that’ll help work at speed. 
  • we gave everyone a label that makes it easier for us to classify them?
    Millenials eh?


  • we thought more about the ‘be’ than the ‘do’?
  • we stopped asking people what they want and showed them they can trust our craft, knowledge and expertise?
  • we didn’t worry so much what strangers thought and cared more about friends?

These are just reflections of my current thoughts and shouldn’t be attributed to any one person, event, or activity. They’re a bricolage of thoughts; a tapestry of the things that fill my head when I’m reflecting.

What have you been thinking about?

One thought on “Wouldn’t it be a ‘good’ idea if…

  1. I feel a nerve of mine has been hit. lol (good job, I like when others can ignite my passion)
    L&D needs to stop forcing “value” metrics so we “prove” our worth.
    The real value of L&D can easily be tested by involving us in real problems. Where are you not hitting your goals? let’s hypothesize together and find some issues that we can determine what success looks like and then develop a strategy to get you there. We can monitor progress towards the realization of success, and if things are not working as we go, then we adjust and monitor our strategies until we are hitting the mark.
    When we are customer-hungry and accept jobs like “Make my people more aligned, that will get me success”, or “My people need some Embracing Change training”, we keep ourselves busy and then have to come up with some kind of metric to show value. We need to help uncover the real issues and then we can make real solutions and our measurement of success is in the real difference in performance of the group we are helping.

    Now for some fun additions…

    We need to learn how to keep cutting training in half, (do 2 day training in 1, shorten 8 hour class to 4, cut 4 hours into 2, etc.)
    – Our learners are always so busy, and need the training, they could use shorter classes to get back to being productive quicker!

    Save time on design by putting the entire word doc of content on the screen!
    – Why have SMEs put 20 lines of size 14 text on a PPT screen when we can show a whole page of great content at size 8 in a word doc! (Isn’t that the reason “scrolling” was invented?)

    Create lots of micro learning on various topics and save time by not including the context that connects the dots between all of the items.
    – Since we all will agree that training is better than no training, and that employees need “development” to become engaged. Letting them find random “development” not related to their goals or aid in their performance should keep them happy.


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