I mentioned on Friday I’d not prepared a blog post and I’ve had a long Bank Holiday weekend to think about it. Firstly, I seem to have adopted new habits which have taken the time when I would write They’re not bad habits; they involve reviewing tender portals and the tenders I’m part of. It’s… Read More Analysis


This is a bit meta but this post is about me forgetting to write a daily blog post for this morning. They’re normally written and scheduled to be published at 6.30 am on my website. I get up, check they’re published and out an abridged version on LinkedIn. I went to my blog this morning… Read More Forget


I ‘cheated’ yesterday. The first post of 2023 wasn’t written by me – I used the ChatGPT tool to throw a few words together to produce something. I was behind on doing things and thought it’d be interesting to see what an AI might produce. I told it what to produce – a post in… Read More Cheat