Another 5 articles worth reading

Image from Flickr Courtesy of Thomas Hawk

I cleaned up my Evernote filing again the other day and found 5 things worth reading and watching.  They’re not all about my work but are, as the title of this blog suggests, just random ramblings.

Creating an Engagement Culture

Engagement occurs when employees… make an emotionally based choice to be loyal to a company

In this article by Tom Roth and Michael Leimbach they highlight 5 elements to create a culture where staff are engaged.  This struck a chord, especially since we’re undertaking a significant change in my organisation.

London’s Incredible Diversity Captured In Photos of Bus Stops

As you’ve seen, I can’t take photos but I do enjoy photography.  I love this project because it captures my city in wonderful detail, it is a beautiful set of images, framed within the same subject.  Most of all, it leaves interpretation open to the viewer as to what each backstory may be.

A Pilot’s Time Lapse story

The text accompanying the piece describes this succinctly

Commercial pilot Jakub Vlk stashed a camera in the cockpit of his plane and captured each stage of takeoff, flight, and landing in lovely HD video


The Town Hall restaurant ladies

I like stories and read tons of fiction.  I like this story by Kate Goodall because it’s true and written with feeling.

Flexi Desking Kerfuffles

Helen Blunden is on the other side of the world to me but we seem to have the same concerns about lots of things.  Accommodation strategy is on our agenda soon and her story summarises a number of the queries we’re hearing.

What about you?  What have you read recently worth sharing?

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