Pleased to meet you


A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience at Learning Live and suggested I’d be:

looking for opportunities to create contacts and develop existing relationships

As it turns out, I haven’t had to do much looking. In addition to the inaugural #learncamp last week people have sought me out and made the connections with me.

Firstly, this blog has more subscribers and readers than ever before. I’m flattered and thank each one of you for putting up with my random ramblings. There are also many new people commenting on the blog posts – if you haven’t, please do – conversation is much more fun when more than one person is speaking.

What made #learncamp so good was more than just Mary McKenna and I were there. As with anything new, you don’t know what the take up would be like and both Mary and I had a sense of nervous anticipation beforehand. We needn’t have worried – the people who came along all led and contributed to some fabulous dialogue. We talked through things as diverse as what topics are ‘hot’ in L&D right now, why the 3rd sector struggles to come to terms with cloud computing and how a creative curriculum in a junior school has transformed some children’s education.

I wanted #learncamp to be a space where orbits collide. I’m satisfied it will. Mary and I need to plan when the next one will be and to talk through how it will work but this is something that, once started, is going to continue.

I’m also using this page as a welcome for the attendees at the 3 Learning Pool Live events in October. I’m speaking at all 3 – Sheffield, Cardiff, and London – and am looking forward immensely to meeting more new people.  In addition to hearing from Steve Wheeler and Denise Hudson Lawson, I’m looking forward to catching up with Dan Hardaker. We haven’t met in real life yet but I’m looking forward to find out what he means by engagement and how that translates into the practical activity.

Most importantly, I’m really keen to hear from L&D professionals from a range of industries and backgrounds on how they think we integrate technology and learning, how the course culture is being broken and what they say when a senior manager asks them about informal learning. If you’re coming to any of my sessions, be prepared, I will be asking you.

Comments as always very welcome. The music reference can only be Wolfmother –  a rather fabulous on-off group of Australian rockers.

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