Business-friendly unit shifter

Nirvana’s In Utero album is my favourite of their canon. Un-commercial and a difficult listen (try Heart Shaped Box or Pennyroyal Tea if you want to hear how difficult), Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is a standout track.

Full of feedback, aggressive riffs and pounding drums, its title comes from the fact it is “Radio Friendly”. It will be aired on radio stations that appeal to mainstream audiences.  The “Unit Shifter” element refers to a song that can sell copies of an album.

Ironically it’s the most aggressive song in the whole radio un-friendly album.

In learning, what’s the business-friendly unit shifter that you use to encourage people to engage with the more difficult parts of your learning offer? What parts of your offer appeal to the business most? Do you use these to lead people to other parts of your offer? And should you?

(HT to Mat Davies @RafaDavies for tweeting the Nirvana link yesterday morning)


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