Crying over spilt milk

In the 80s, I stopped by my Nan’s house once after going to a QPR match. She asked me what I wanted to drink and I remember saying to her “You know what, I really fancy a glass of milk”.

For the next 7 years, whenever I went to see her she got extra milk in for me; an empty glass and a pint bottle of milk was placed in front of me within moments of taking my coat off. I had to let her know if I wasn’t coming so she wouldn’t get extra milk in.

I remember saying to her one day that I didn’t really want milk any more. I’d fallen out of love with it and my 4′ 10″ grandmother looked crestfallen. I was consumed by guilt and even now, some 20+ years later can still feel how bad I felt then.

When did you last have to let someone down? Have you created a memory they’ll tap into in years or decades time?

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