Boggabri Library

Boggabri Library is part of Central Northern Regional Library in Boggabri, a small town in north-western New South Wales, Australia. It is open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and offers a range of services and resources for all ages including books, magazines, DVD’s,CD’s and newspapers. E-books, e-audio, e-magazines and legal music downloads are also all part of their library membership.

It was recently refurbished and they’ve also just confirmed they will no longer charge residents overdue fees:

We believe removing overdue fees removes a potential barrier to borrowing for some members of our community and we hope it will also encourage new community members to visit the library to borrow a wide range of items,”

Library manager Jenny Campbell

So what? What does this have to do with your workplace learning offer?

Have you asked people what hurdles they think you’re putting in place to access your workplace learning offer? If people think there’s a ‘fine’ system in place, they’ll not even try to come and see you, irrespective of how many different resources you have.

To put things in context, the library have reduced the number of items people can borrow too – it’s down to 20 from 50. 20 items for personal development, for no cost, available in a range of formats. Does your learning offer reflect that and do people know?

This is what the shift from shopkeeper to engineer means. Stop selling ‘stuff’. Remove hurdles and create access.

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