What grinds my gears – HR

Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

Another in the occasional series where I vent a little.

  • Read your policy; does it really describe what you want to happen?
  • Data is there to help. Use it.
  • Read your policy; is it just there to stop stuff happening?
  • Managers manage – HR supports. If someone is underperforming support the manager to manage.
  • Read your policy; if it isn’t easy to read people will ignore it.
  • Be excellent at your job. If you’re not you’ll lose trust with the business.
  • Read your policy; do you really need a policy instead of a guidleine?
  • Be caring; not just for the business but for the people.
  • You’re not Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Avengers and won’t be able to fix everything.

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