Ordering a coffee

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

I don’t drink coffee; I’ve never liked the taste and the whole cultural construction that has developed around it now puts me off wanting to try it again.

I do, know however, there are different kinds of coffees that people can order, and two stand out:

The Espresso. It’s small, comes in single or double shots, and is both hot and bitter. Designed to provide an immediate ‘hit’ and buzz.

The Cappuccino. Milky and frothy, it takes an element of the espresso – the single shot – and adds milk to it. Topped with at least a centimetre of milk froth, it may have a pattern on top, as well as some artistic chocolate sprinkles.

If you had to describe what your learning looked like, which would it be: Espresso or Cappuccino?

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