Passive webinars

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I like engaging with people online. The pandemic and our approach to work has shrunk the world and I can meet with people pretty much from anywhere at pretty much at any time.

I am struggling to see why I should put my time out to attend a live webinar any more.

You probably know the kind of events I mean:

  • Where you’re invited to ask questions in a Q&A box but can’t chat with any other attendees
  • Where you are watching people talking but not showing any content, graphics, or data to explain their points.
  • Where my microphone is muted but you tell me in advance I can watch the recording later.

If this is your model, you need to have a real think about what you’re creating.

One thought on “Passive webinars

  1. I’m with you Andrew. I wonder if the people running these events can’t handle the chat, think it’s a distraction rather than an additional tool for engagement or perhaps don’t do thinking upfront about purpose & outcomes. I find the events that are the most engaging are where the chat adds to what’s happening, deeper connections are made and they are just a lot more memorable for me.


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