The cost of learning

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I’ve worked in places with large training budgets that people have used fully; awaydays and outward bound teambuilding always took a chunk of budget with the luxury of the hotel reflecting the seniority of the manager.

Similarly, I’ve worked in places where I am the sole resource and everything was expected to come from me.

Trish Uhl asked about budgets earlier in the week and it’d be interesting to get an idea of how learning teams are budgeted. To paraphrase Trish’s questions:

  1. How are your L&D budgets and staffing budgets set?
  2. If it’s a % of payroll, how much is it?
  3. Is it part of the HR budget?
  4. How many LnD people are engaged as a ratio to employee headcount?

For me, the first question is the most important. Simply put, are you a cost centre first?

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