Case studied

Scan from an Unknown author
Unknown authorpublication by an / anonymous poster, in a thread, gave permission to use it.
Re- Vectorization: Slashme, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Case studies are used a lot in learning.

  • They’re a marketing tool – see what X Corp or Y Org did so you can learn how we helped them
  • They’re a learning content tool – look at this situation and work out what to do
  • They’re a conference tool – see what ABC Ltd did in their learning function

There are three key factors to consider when you’re looking at any case studies.

Firstly, they’ll have been written by the winners. People who have been through the same experience, the same situations but with different results will likely have as good stories to tell – seek them out.

Case studies will have been written to reflect a narrative. Look at the hero’s journey steps and be clear about who you need to have in place to reflect the journey.

Lastly, they’re written in the context of the author. Establish how they might be represented in your context. That way you’ll get much more value from them.

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