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I was completing an online form the other day and it asked for the usual details – name, email, etc. When I got to the website box I paused.

Should I put my blog site address, or my company web address?*

In the past it was easy – I was defined by my blog posts which were an extension of my thinking. I didn’t want to lose that identity or crafted information, so, when I set by business up I kept the blog and the company separate.

Now my identity and brand are much more intertwined. I thank people for their connection via the company on LinkedIn, and my blog posts on my blog site are also posted on LinkedIn which associates with my business.

It’s complicated.

And that’s not a bad thing.

We sometimes lose ourselves as individuals when we’re working for a company and even when we’re working for ourselves. It doesn’t hurt to stop and reflect on our identity as individuals occasionally.

*I chose the company web address – the form was better to link readers with my business in this case. That doesn’t mean it’s the default.

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