It’s the little things

A woman's hand holding a magnifying glass.
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I was watching a video the other day where someone was talking about standards, minimum expectations, and what was needed to develop a successful culture. The person was filmed with some windows in the background and all I remember was how dirty the windows were and how many dirty hand and finger marks were all over the glass.

I was listening to a podcast where the speakers were talking about why the sound quality was so important. The sound had echo and internet whistles and buzzes and I was so distracted I turned the podcast off.

I was reading a briefing the other day and there was a repeated spelling error which made it difficult to concentrate on what was being written. I mentally corrected every misspelt word which made the reading of the article tiresome and dull.

It might be a little thing to you, something barely noticeable, but some people will pick up on those little things.

Just make sure they don’t distract.

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