When you ‘do’ comms are you really communicating? This thread on Twitter last week made me think about how we’re communicating our work. I’d guess every team, behind every single poster on the doctor’s wall, were able to tick off the comms on their implementation plan (as Elaine suggests). Doing a poster, lost in the… Read More Comms


Sometime last week, 4000 accounts were recorded as following my Twitter account. I know that ‘no-one goes there anymore because it’s too crowded’ but it’s still the place where I find the most creative, interesting, friendly and approachable people. It’s still near the top of Jane Hart’s Top Tools for Learning, and still the place… Read More 4000


8 years ago yesterday, I set up my Twitter account and it has, without any hint of exaggeration, changed my life. I’ve made new friends I’ve met new people I’ve experienced activities I’d never had before I’ve extended my professional network I’ve discovered new ideas I’ve been privileged to connect with and listen to people… Read More 8