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I was bullied cajoled into this post by Janet Davis and the weekly blog club team.  Following the rather brilliant post by Janet Harkin it was suggested that it might make an interesting topic for a blog.  So here’s my awful attempt.  Be warned, I know everyone can take pictures; I just can’t take good ones.  Similarly, this wasn’t the most exciting of days – it was in many ways, typical.

10 picturesThe theme is a day in 10 pictures, so the first is, fittingly, the reminder in my Twitter feed.

'ArmlessThis is what I woke up with on Friday morning.  I’d been for more blood tests on Thursday as part of the treatment for my illness and this was the resulting mess.  It was bloody sore (and still is) and looks horrendous.  Good job I’m used to having blood tests now.

I love going to work on my scooter.  Aside from the fact I dislike the Tube, being able to choose the route I want, at the pace I want, with only my thoughts for company is a feeling that you don’t often get in London.  It’s also stupidly cheap to run; a month’s fuel is the equivalent of a week’s Tube.

Autumn is my least favourite season; it’s wet, temperate and leaves look dead and decaying.  Trees are bare (or going bare) and I don’t see renewal anywhere.

The other benefit of using a scooter to work is the speed of travel; I love getting in early and having time to myself before the hubbub of the day starts.

I get lots of people trying to sell me stuff.  Lots. This folder was emptied when I logged on and I’d received 33 junk emails in 90 minutes.

This is one of the 2 reasons I couldn’t be a vegetarian.  One is bacon sandwiches.  The other is Bovril.  I love it; it’s warming, filling, and all round great with a cheese sandwich.  Served in a Learning Pool Sir Ken Robinson mug.  The tablet in the corner is, ironically, showing Sir Ken’s book The Element.  A great read.

Check out my single function devices! It isn’t all about having multi use devices…sometimes there’s a satisfaction in telling the time with your watch, bundling papers with a rubber band and stapling with a stapler.

I don’t know much about much, really I don’t. I do, however, know what I like and I like this.  It’s Vauxhall bus station and the roof contains solar panels that provide 1/3 of the bus station’s electricity.

I really didn’t expect this to happen.  I posted on Friday about untracking and it seemed to catch an audience; this is the number of post views compared to the preceding 10 days.

So, my day in 10 pictures.  Painfully dull; I was struggling with fatigue on Friday and as soon as I got home I went to bed to grab a couple of hours kip.  By 6.15 pm I was blowing zzzs…

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