My Life in Stock Photos


I posted a while ago about the problems we have in presentations and commented on the fact that clipart was a bit, well, crappy.  I also had fun representing my day in 10 pictures that I took a few weeks ago.  So, why not combine the two…can I represent my life with clipart?

What my friends think I do

Talking to my friends outside of L&D, apparently, my work is about this:


I get to play with coloured pens and design lots of bright and shiny that will make people do things.  It’s not a real job; it’s playing.

However, when I’m busy they assume I’m doing this:


They’re projecting their experiences; they’ve had situations where people in my role will do anything  to get that information into them.

What my Mum thinks I do

Apparently, I’m this person:


She believes I’m a bit of a tech geek who also does lots of talking to people.  She doesn’t ‘get’ social media tools and isn’t web enabled.  My life is jargon to her. Perhaps this is a better description:


The question mark is important…most of what I do is unknown to her.

What Society expects me to do

Really, this is a no brainer…


In a classroom, talking at people, that’s the way they’ll learn isn’t it. This perception of learning is something we need to change.

What Society thinks I do

In reality, if I’m not in a training room I must be doing this:


Those balls of paper are the old ways of things being done…my job is to change them yeah?

What I like to think I do

This is how I like to think I am:


Connecting ideas and connecting people, making things happen.  In reality, this is what I really do…


So, which Clipart describes you best?  Feel free to comment.

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