Talk like a businessman…

Photo Credit: $owmya via Compfight cc

There were a few conversations at #learningpoollive last week which concerned me. We still seem to be stuck in the provision mindset, talking about training rather than learning and not relating to the business.

So, with the fullest apologies to the Bangles and anyone else associated with this tune…

All the old trainers in the rooms
They do the same class don’t you know
If they test too quick (oh whey oh)
Their scores fall like a domino

And the bizarre men have a pile
They got the app that you should get
Flash and lots of dials (oh whey oh)
They break the course on your LMS

Training types with the hookup apps say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Talk like a businessman…

The guys to be fixed take their place
They turn around as they join the course
They’ve got the shakes (oh whey oh)
Don’t want to go and they tell you so

All the trainees so sick of books
They like the web and the mobile app
When the bosses ring (oh whey oh)
They’re hiding from the training man

All the guys in the training room say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Talk like a businessman…

Am I wrong? Do we talk to the business, or are we stuck in ‘busyness’ speak?  Let me know in the comments or at Learning Pool Live in Cardiff this week.

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