Lost in (learning) space

Lost in Space

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I asked a question on Twitter the other day

How many categories of activity (Eg, induction, H&S, etc) do you have on your LMS, DLE, etc?

Easy isn’t it?  Isn’t it just:

  • induction
  • compliance
  • health and safety,
  • leadership and management
  • role specific activity

So where does fire marshal training go? Is that compliance or health and safety? What about supervising in a technically specialist role?

Do people look by our categories? Shouldn’t we just have an extensive search function?

All comments welcome.

3 responses to “Lost in (learning) space

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  2. The problem of course being that just because we put something in a certain category, that doesn’t mean that’s where learners will look for it. (Which I think was the point you are making).

    Years ago someone described the internet as being like the biggest library in the world, but the trouble was the books were all over the floor. Following that analogy, it might seem that the logical answer was to create virtual shelves to put everything on, but that would mean developing a universally understood cataloguing system (and I’m old enough to remember sites that tried to do that).

    What we really need is beyond search; something that can work out exactly what we’re looking for based on context. Anyone looking to engineer such a solution should take a look at Google Knowledge Graph.


  3. Thanks Barry – nail on head. So, approaching Learning Technologies this week, what do we say to suppliers who offer us category rich LMS? Watch out suppliers – I’ll be asking the question.


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