Status Quo Sucks

Status Quo

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Before my session at Learning Technologies this week, please have a read through this piece. If we’re going to be talking about disruptive innovation, how do you defend the status quo?

Learning Rebels

Status Quo Sucks. So sayeth George Carlin.  And you know, he’s on to something.  I have yet to read about business success where the mission/value statement said something like “Keep Calm, Keep the Status Quo” or “Status Quo is the Backbone of Innovation”.  Nope.  Can you be successful and maintain the status quo?  For a period of time perhaps; Woolworth, Blockbuster, RIM, all giants in their time – but because of a shocking lack of foresight, because of a steadfastness to the status quo that was their business model…well, you know how the story ends (or in some cases, how the story is likely to end).

Change_TimeCompanies that bury their heads in the sand, thinking that innovation will not outrun them, is not a new story. I’m sure the buggy whip guy was a happy camper until that pesky automobile came out.  History repeats itself time and time again on this…

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