And the one about

Photo Credit: Darwin Bell via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Darwin Bell via Compfight cc

There was this post and it still had to be written as you’d promised so it got drafted and started being written out and then someone said, can you speak at this event, and then can you host this webinar, and can you attend this webinar, and can you be interviewed, and can you comment on this article, and can we interview you and can you scope out some activities, and there’s a new project we want to launch and be creative you’re good at that, and put those thoughts in a book, are you writing a book, you are writing a book, when is the book out, and your right hand is leaving, and your admin has a better job, and the other support is moving on, and we want to bring back a programme, and we want to stop a programme, and be creative again because someone else says you’re good at that, and the football club needs FA affiliation, and this team needs new players, and while you’re at it that team needs new players, and we need away shirts, and the summer tournaments need to be booked, and these players are leaving and this player has a broken ankle, and there are fixtures backed up and the pitches are unplayable,and can we have your thoughts on this for a publication, and can you tell us what you think, and how would you approach this issue because we’ve been told you’re creative, and your son needs support at college, and your mother in law is showing early onset Alzheimers, and you’re really creative so can you create an activity for an event and co-ordinate these team members, and this needs to be measured, and that needs to be scoped, and we need more Masterclasses, and we need some creative input on that onboarding activity, and there’s been a break in at the school and the iPads were stolen and what will they use them for and can you join in with this values session because you’re creative, and can you help your nephew with Aspergers, and this 16 year old needs a mentor, and I really like the things you talk about in L&D and can you mentor me, no can you mentor me because I need help more, and scope some suppliers, and book some assessments, and shortlist new people, and interviews.

And then there was a tweet.

It reminds you a blog post isn’t for anyone else.

It should be by you, for you.

So this is a post for me.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

3 responses to “And the one about

  1. Love it, I am *exactly* the same with other things competing for my time even though I have blog ideas scribbled down. I started my blog based on wise words from Sam Burrough who said I should write it for me and if anyone else reads it, well that’s just a bonus. Instead I now I feel guilty for not blogging more…but you’ve made me feel better at least!


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