Lost or Desperate

Be strong

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you can stop reading now as this isn’t for you. Every day I get at least one hit on this blog from someone who has searched for either the word ‘lost’ or the word ‘desperate’.

This post is for you. The searcher.

I don’t know what your problems are.

I don’t know how low you are.

I don’t know how hopeless you feel.

I do know that you are creative; you had to be to find this page.

I do know you are inquisitive; you were interested enough to click the Google link.

I do know that you have lifelines around you; using an online search means you can also search for people who might help you more than I can.

I put lots of words here that may not be relevant to you.

So I have 2 words which may be more relevant for you.

Be strong.


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