Motivated to go again

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I wrote a while ago about 4 elements which I felt were needed to achieve the ‘sweet spot’ in developing your learning and development offer. I discussed the areas of Skill and Authority previously; this blog post looks at the Will and Resource factors.


It’s taken me a while to write this post and it comes entirely down to Will; I just didn’t have the motivation to produce it. I’ve had a few emails from people asking if it was on its way and reminders in my calendar have been acknowledged and snoozed but this post has only just got into the blog.

Would writing it make any difference? Would adding yet another piece about changing the world actually change the world? It’s probably symptomatic of the environment that many L&D professionals find themselves in – faced with a ton of activity but unable to separate the wood from the trees and put time aside from their day to day work to spend time in fighting the fight to adapt and develop. I’m able to write this post now because of some examples of Will that have presented themselves to me recently:

  • the L&D professional who emailed me after my session at Learning Technologies recently. Their sheer enthusiasm and passion to take steps to change was infectious;
  • the person who was moving on from their job and still had a hunger to want to know how to develop their skills in the L&D space;
  • the student with no access to learning who went off and found an online course themselves which met 90% of what they needed to learn making it easy to find the extra 10% to support them.

These are simple and everyday examples but are the inspiration for me to want to keep challenging the status quo and forge new paths. The old paradigm of the Training Department as the shopkeeper is dying and it’s down to the new L&D professional to seize the opportunity to change the way we’ve done things and maintain this momentum. If people are able to learn for themselves then L&D has a duty, responsibility and an obligation to help. If you’re not able to do that because it feels different and too far outside your comfort zone then just get out of the way. You’re just slowing people down.

I’m speaking on Day 2 at the CIPD show in May about doing more with less. I’m looking forward to the session as it’ll be a further opportunity to look at the way that we learn in the 21st century and the curated approach which I recommend. I am, however, acutely aware that I am regularly associated with the public sector trope of shrinking resource and plucky courageous approaches to developing people with 3 paper clips and a Windows XP PC.

This in itself can be limiting; assume that you have nothing to put in and the expectations are lowered.

Similarly, higher resource allocation suggests a higher output should be expected. Resource isn’t just budget and external facility though; the internal and intrinsic resource isn’t considered as far as it could and should be. For example, I found that someone I work with produces music. They have a full studio setup; who do you think I’ll approach when I want to take on podcasts and downloadable interviews?

Resource is no good on its own; it needs to be applied appropriately. How many tech implementations have been done because they can, not because they should?

I was pleased to see last week’s #ldinsight chat picked up on the theme of resource. It had been discussed at an unconference the day before and it’s good to see it being considered. We bemoan the lack of resource too often; it’s a lack of inspiration to use the resource that you have which many need to consider first.

What do you need to change your will? How do you consider resources in your offer? Let me know in the comments.

2 responses to “Motivated to go again

  1. Love the visual and good blog with some great themes running through it. I’ve been in L&D for a v.long time, lived with budgets big and small and delivered all sorts of things as a result. Although my motivation dips from time to time, I am human after all, I don’t tire of the belief that people can change if they are motivated to and have the belief to do it. Really got me thinking over my lunch. So good for my grey cells and much needed always.


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