Image courtesy of Pixabay
Image courtesy of Pixabay

I’m not keen on spiders – who wouldn’t be?
Some people keep them as pets.

I ride a motorcycle through traffic in London – it’s easy, quick and comfortable
Some people can’t wear a helmet because they feel confined and claustrophobic.

I worry before doing something new – it’s understandable, isn’t it?
Some people will do the same thing without a moment’s thought.

I handle knives and can butcher meat – it’s a simple skill that just needs practice.
Some people can’t touch raw flesh.

I can’t touch frogs and toads as they make my skin crawl – they’re gross and slimy.
Some people encourage them into their gardens.

I was scared that I’d make a fool of myself when I started exercising; I still do.

I used to be so scared of heights that I would be paralysed with fear up a 2 metre ladder; now I’m not.

I have friends of all ethnic groups, ages, gender, ability; some people can’t relate to people different to them. What are they scared of? I’m scared that we have to use our precious energy in battling to protect those who have fear. My fear isn’t that we waste that energy; it’s that we won’t have enough and those with fear, unable to protect themselves, are let down by us of those who can help.

This seems appropriate – “For everything, a reason”

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