Personally speaking

I read a lot about personal learning networks (PLN) and feel happy to have one of my own. On closer inspection though, I think we’ve been mis-selling them.

A learning network would be a series of different channels and environments. Mine would contain my podcast libraries, video libraries, significant Evernote record, Pocket and Feedly records etc. In effect, it would be a personal learning environment, rather than a network.

What I really have as a PLN is a personal mentoring network; it’s a series of people who I can rely on to support my learning, to quiz, challenge me, reflect with and from and engage with to challenge my thinking.

This might be semantics but I feel people are more likely to buy into the idea of a personal mentoring network – an interconnected map of people who can help you personally and professionally. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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