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I mentioned last week that I was standing for election as an eLN Director.

Well, I won.

My focus is going to be on mentoring – a topic I’ve mentioned before. Before saying what I’ll be doing, I’m really keen to understand what people want from mentoring. In his excellent book about the lack of diversity in the UK broadcasting industry, Lenny Henry suggests:

…you can see how broadcasters continue to muddle through with their same old, same old solutions. Let’s bring in a new training scheme! Wait! Let’s conjure up a mentoring scheme there. Or is it time for a brand-spanking-new (but same as the two dozen we’ve already had) leadership initiative?

Henry, Lenny; Ryder, Marcus. Access All Areas: The Diversity Manifesto for TV and Beyond (pp. 36-37). Faber & Faber. Kindle Edition.

This is, in may places, to counteract criticism and end up as nothing more than ‘learning theatre’.

Trust me, the eLN won’t have mentoring theatre.


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