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Don’t vote; It only encourages them.


I’ve mentioned many times why it’s important to make sure women are centred in LnD roles and given opportunity to develop in leading roles. This doesn’t mean excluding myself because I’m a man, but creating environments where women can thrive.

There’s a brilliant opportunity to do that this week since it’s time for elections for the board of the eLearning Network (eLN) and there are plenty of great women to vote for; I’m also standing.

The roles are across a number of areas – marketing, mentoring, etc. The only area that I would want to be involved in is mentoring; I can drive mentoring and develop connections for people to support each other. There are also 5 women who want to support mentoring. If, when you’ve cast your votes, you have promoted women then please do me the honour of giving me your vote. Don’t vote for me if it’s to create ‘balance’ or fairness – vote for the best people for the role but, like I mentioned last week, cast it with women first.

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