What are you doing in 2 years time?

I saw this a little while ago and there’s definitely an element of the tail wagging the dog with learning tech. L&D people seem easily swayed with tech solutions promising a lot but often delivering less than expected.

Unfortunately, there’s still a need to move many people in the profession on so they can understand what tech can do and can be a ripe market for vendors. For example, I was at a CIPD Leaders in Learning event a little while ago. The audience were rallying against using mobile in learning. Their comments were about:

  • Age
  • Social
  • Face to face
  • Digital Literacy

We could argue until we’re blue that mobile COULD be best but some L&D people will still not buy it. That’s why finding out what people think should give a much clearer view of the industry. Have a look at this report from 2017 by the CIPD for example. In it, 90% planned to utilise mobile learning in the next two years.

How many have, how many are happy with their solutions, and how many are still railing against technology?

There’s a phrase used in the energy industry to describe people who want to maintain the status quo to retain their position – tragedy of the incumbents. Seems apposite for some people in L&D.

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