I heard this phrase at a work a few weeks back and it’s been nagging away at me since. I went away on holiday and recharged, relaxed and generally took time out to think about how I was working, exercising, living. Whilst doing that, I was still thinking about the phrase.

The phrase came up from a discussion about how we can support the change we want to happen. Ultimately, whatever structures, systems and processes, aims or objectives you want to change, it comes down to the individual.

I also thought about it from a personal perspective; that’s why my last two posts have been tagged #ItStartsWithMe.

I don’t buy into the Ghandi quote – people can’t be the change if the change is unachievable. People can, however, choose to change, and that means it starts with the individual.

Expect more of these posts, actions, and ideas. It ‘s not down to me to change you. It does start with you.

Take up the challenge. #ItStartsWithMe

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