Got the time

I was doing a session about Social Media for learning and was asked about how I blog daily. I hadn’t really thought about it so I’ve jotted down a few thoughts.

Keep notes. Evernote stores my notebooks with excerpts, lines, comments and stories. I’m not averse to pen and paper but I can access Evernote from every device I have. Alternatively, make notes in WordPress and save them for a later date.

Plan ahead. That’s not scripting posts in detail but working out when I need time to think, and when I need time to write. I do look for events in advance and think about timing posts round those but this blog is about currency to me.

Edit vociferously. The first draft is never the best draft. There’s not been a single post for a long long time which was published untouched.

Write constantly. The connections we make between words will inspire and spark creative thought.

Keep your eyes and ears open. This post came from hearing a song and wondering what it would be like in real life. This post came from a Twitter conversation and my memory of a former footballer.

Time is fixed – it’s about how you use it.

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