Being there

Asynchronous is all well and good but people need to know that, at their point of need, that appropriate support is there.

That doesn’t mean the LnD function being there 24/7 but being able to show people where they can get help, support, guidance and information. That’s not down to the LnD function but a management activity.

Helping managers support people at their moment of need should be part of any learning design. Good learning practitioners will make sure managers know they have to have presence,

One thought on “Being there

  1. There is the rub. There is a culture in this country that says that you earned your status as a manager through your prior performance. It’s like a reward. Whereas in other Western Cultures (U.S., AUS.), management is seen as an additional skill, with a knowledge base, something you have to learn. Sadly less so in the private sector, where there seems to be more cross-cultural pollination, than in the pubic sector.


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