I read so much

Image by xxolgaxx from Pixabay

Yet I always seem to have a reading list on the go with books I never get to.

I have a list of articles to read in Pocket, stored up and waiting for the time my attention can give them.

Reading more isn’t good advice for people who want to develop; reading the right things is better advice.

Just giving advice on the books you like doesn’t matter if they have no context for the person asking for help.

3 responses to “I read so much

  1. I know the problem. On top of that I have so many books that I have started but not finished. Yes, there are too many good books out there waiting to be read to waste time on bad ones, but I still feel the lag of all of those unfinished books.


  2. Ah, the pain of ‘giving up’ on a book and maintaining that itch there was something else in there that you’ll miss and regret not reading.

    How far into a book is it acceptable to stop reading?


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