The 6 books you need to read right now

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

I regularly see these kind of articles in the business press and websites. A list of books that the C-suite are reading to drive their business forward. The new thinking which will change your business in 15 easy chapters. The 100,000 words which will revolutionise your work.

But you’re probably not a top exec.

But you’ve probably got a limited budget.

But you don’t have time to read the 11,000+ business books published annually.

Your learning function HAS to help in this space. They need to act like an engineer and work out what’s of value, discard the chaff, spend time curating what works.

You probably know the 6 things you need to develop right now. Your learning function needs to ask you what they are and be someone to recommend the right book to read.

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