I was in Parliament Square the other day on my way to a meeting. With a fixed destination in mind, I was slaloming in between the gangs or tourists all trying to take the perfect selfie outside the Houses of Parliament, the Abbey and the Nelson Mandela statue.

I had a fixed destination, knew what and where, I needed to get to. For the tourists, they were happy to meander, discover, ignore and learn what they wanted at a different pace and cadence to me.

The sights in the square have become wallpaper to me now. Having worked nearby for many years, it’s a common destination for me.

Over familiar.



For the tourists, these are new and exciting locations, a once in a lifetime experience, a one-off photo, a memory for life.

I’d much prefer a learning support destination to be part of the working flow from an efficiency perspective. Is the same true for people in your organisation? Or are they tourists?

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