Technique over power

I like running because it’s a pure sport – there’s little technique that you can change. You just put one foot in front of the other.

You can do that if you want but it helps to regulate my stride cadence at 180+ per minute for pace work and 168 for distance.

And regulate my breathing; every 6 strides at distance and 4 for quicker runs. Through nose and mouth.

And my stride length; just under a metre on flat ground but shortened going up hills, lengthened during sprints.

And my posture and head position; upright to open my chest to get the maximum air in.

And my hand shape; open and soft with fingers forward.

And how I move my arms, parallel to my body and to help regulate my cadence.

And how my feet strike the ground; being aware of heel striking and keeping my toes pointed.

I like running because it’s a pure sport – there are loads of small elements of technique which I can change which can have a big impact on the way I perform.

Marginal gains.


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