Image by reneebigelow from Pixabay

In a recent interview, Tom Hanks was talking about his new film. In it he plays Fred Rogers, an American television personality. He commented on Rogers’ nature and how being kind was simply the best way forward. Your kindness to another might be amplified by them to someone else. And when that kindness is further amplified, it might come back to you.

I thought about it yesterday morning as I was chivvied along to cross the road by an impatient driver. Pulling out of a side road, he revved his engine because I was crossing in front of him before he raced out the road with a squeal of tyres and exhaust noise. About 3 minutes later, I caught up with him as he was stuck in a traffic jam.

I saw that a cloak or scarf was hanging out his passenger side door, being dragged along the wet oily road.

I motioned to him to wind his window down to let him know but he gestured and refused to speak to me.

I tried again after I overtook his car again but he stared ahead. People walking along the pavement the same way as me also tried.

The story here isn’t about kindness by me, but how likely this man hasn’t experienced kindness like this recently.

Be kind; it costs nothing. #ItStartsWithMe

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