How do you do this stuff?

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I wrote the other day about how my identity isn’t my reputation, but a sum of a range of activity over my life. I made a conscious decision 10+ years ago to do things differently.

After I posted I got a message from someone who asked “how do you this stuff?”. The answer is 3 simple steps.

Absorb everything – books, film, radio, podcast, comics, conversations, presentations, white papers, green papers, pamphlets, leaflets. You don’t know where the inspiration will come from and better to have a vague memory of something than being in ignorance.

File what doesn’t matter – use notebooks (virtual or physical). Most of what you’ll see every day won’t have any meaning – think of it as a jigsaw puzzle you’re just starting. Your notebooks will form the edge pieces. One day, it might matter.

Use the good stuff – try things and see what works. Remember that pilots don’t fail but just have degrees of success so pilot everything.

Don’t think about what you lose but what you’ll gain.


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