All about the data

Yet again I want to raise the subject of performance and learning. A few weeks ago I wrote about how if you don’t know how you were impacting performance, you should question why you are doing it.

I mentioned absence management and rarely is an individual manager’s performance in managing sickness considered as part of sickness absence training and learning. We don’t review a cohort’s performance over a period of time to establish whether the support they’ve received has had any effect.

LnD rarely review the performance of different workgroups, divisions, business lines or locations. LnD don’t often engage with HR data at an organisational level to be able to inspect it to understand which interventions, where, when, how often, and with which groups have had the best effect.

This is the level of data LnD can work at but this may not be collected in learning systems, is collected but not shared in HR systems, or not analysed in enough detail to be used meaningfully by LnD.

This is what being an engineer over a shopkeeper means.

Be data and insight led; engineer solutions, don’t just market what you ‘think’ is right.

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