Fail to prepare

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If you STILL need to be told what to do to pivot your learning function, have a look at this by the RSA.

In a work context, recognising learning wherever it happens means not counting just your classes. Learning is the work. The counting should be the performance improvement.

Building relationships to make learning connected, not just digital is really important. Digital literacy will be variable across your organisation and you have a duty to be inclusive. That doesn’t mean working to the lowest common denominator, but raising people up.

If you’re trying to scale for thousands you sometimes forget to respond rapidly to change. Your flexibility and pace are judged while under lockdown and a perception formed.

The piece says it all – courses are expensive and time-consuming to build and are completed by relatively few people – so build pathways. You have to remember you can build the path, clear the obstacles, unlock the gate, and place people’s hands on the handle. Ultimately whether they open the door or not is their choice, not yours.

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