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There are lots of kinds of scope that you can be allocated when you work in the learning function. The scope that you are willing to accept is more telling.

Periscope – you’re expected to sit below the surface and just get things done in the quiet, out of sight.

Telescope – you’re meant to work from afar and just monitor what happens.

Microscope – you’re expected to work on the smallest things in the finest detail.

Gyroscope – you’re required to keep moving vigorously or you’ll collapse.

Baroscope – you can measure the pressure in the organisation but can’t change it.

Polariscope – you’re great at ascertaining, measuring, or exhibiting the properties of polarisation in the organisation.

Kaleidoscope – you’re super at making lots of pretty things with little resources to keep people occupied in the light for a little while.

What scope do you have in Learning and Development? More importantly, which scope are you willing to accept?

3 thoughts on “Scope

  1. I like my stethoscope. I have all the data I need to “listen” to what’s actually going on under the surface. I can then act to improve any hidden underlying health issues before they manifest more obviously.

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      1. Not at all – it means the organisation cares enough to monitor its own well-being, and take preventative measures before any illness takes hold.

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