Measurement and evaluation

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I realised the other day I’d stopped detailing my thinking about how the Barcelona Principles for marketing might considered as principles for LnD to use for evaluation.

Last time I mentioned the impact your learning activity has on the business bottom line. To support that, the fourth of the principles is necessary:

Measurement and evaluation require both qualitative and quantitative methods

This doesn’t mean happy sheets and narrative from participants. This means being able to count interactions, but the effect of those interactions on the business. This means LnD has to consider, from a wider perspective, the effects of their activity.

It means being able to describe to stakeholders the effect now and in the future.

It means being able to establish a narrative with data and stories.

It means being able to explain the how, as well as the what.

It means being able to compare performance before, to performance after.

It means adding meaning.

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