But how?

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

A year or so ago I launched some learning clinics – places for people to come and work through specific issues they had…sort of like a free for all Action Learning Set.

They were OK but needed to be more structured with more content. What was clear was that people wanted answers to ‘how’ questions. The blogs and pieces I write tend to be ‘why’ questions so these events should have a focus in what to do. I’m relaunching them in January 2022. The first pair will be on Tuesday 11th January and on Thursday 20th January, both at 14:00 GMT.

The first session on 11th January is about hybrid learning. Some of the topics we’ll cover will be in design and delivery, asynchronous and live, self-determination and planning for the unknown.

The second session on 20th January is about evaluation, measurement and data. I’ll be going through the principles of evaluation we need to take forward and how to collect, interpret and report data that matters.

Places are limited but also free so make a date in your diary and come along.

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