Data and results

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I know I bang on about evaluation and meaningful data a lot but had a Damascene moment yesterday to help explain the futility of most LnD interventions.

I’ve mentioned I’m actively seeking another job and was asked how it’s going.

  • It’s going brilliantly if you count the input data – loads of applications completed and contacts established.
  • It’s not so great if you count the output data – number of interviews, assessments, etc.
  • It’s non-existent if you count the outcome data – no job as yet.

Compare and contrast:

  • LnD loves input data – bums on seats, elearning completions – but it’s easy to count, if not measure.
  • LnD is less enamoured with output data – tests passed, exams achieved – but, with a bit more effort can call this ‘learning’.
  • LnD rarely finds performance data – additional sales, management efficiency – it’s hard to collect, measure and calibrate.

Input. Data. Rarely. Matters.

Measure outcomes.

Measure the stuff that shows the inputs and outputs have worked. If you don’t all you’re doing is pretending to impact the business.

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