Thank you and goodbye

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Today is my last day with my current employer in central government.

I am gutted to be leaving a team of committed and diligent people who want to make learning better. They ‘get’ how things need to be and are trying, within a culture and context that is extremely challenging, to make a real difference.

I’ve learnt loads.

They’ve helped me understand who I am, what I do and how I think about things.

They’ve helped me realise that the things I say, DO get through but I have to think about how to say them.

They’ve helped me make sense of a large organisation and how to widen my thinking while pulling focus (think of the beach scene in Jaws).

They’re great people and, if you get the chance to work with my colleagues at the Learning Academy in the People and OD function at HMRC, please jump at it.

Thank you and goodbye.

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