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I’ve had about a dozen queries from people asking me if I’m available for work to help them out in the last few weeks. I think that’s quite high and am, mostly, humbled by the requests. Usually until the point of asking what the rate is.

Of those dozen, only 2 were offering payment. The rest all wanted to pay in exposure and publicity. I’ll offer to pay my mortgage in exposure and publicity and am looking forward to bigging up all the utility companies, and supermarkets to keep power and water running in my house and food in my cupboards.

The most recent request was two days ago with the comment that ‘we don’t usually pay for contributors’.

Until now, I’ve been in a paid position and have had the freedom to contribute to anything without much concern. Now, since I’ve become aware of the value of the content I produce and the context is can be used in, I think much harder before helping out.

Freelance doesn’t mean free.

3 thoughts on “Freelance

  1. Funny how the same person who asks you to write for free goes out and buys a high end magazine and never bargains for it.
    Do they ever stop to ask how the articles in the magazine got there?


  2. Good for you for knowing your value!
    Knowing that people want your work is better than working for them for free.
    Keep getting published out there!


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