Strategic Culture

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I’m speaking on an eLearning Network Webinar debate in a couple of weeks about learning culture.

Part of my preparation for it – yes, I do prepare for these things – is to read what people are saying about learning.

My friend Sukh Pabial wrote this the other day and this line stood out:

A learning strategy is one that enables organisational performance to take place.

Replace strategy with culture – are we talking about the same thing?

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts and join the debate on Friday 25th September 2020, 12noon-1:00pm where we’ll be kicking learning culture around.

One thought on “Strategic Culture

  1. Brilliant. would love tot hear you speak about this. Too many times I have been in a meeting about L&D support and the phrase Culture change comes up. When you ask them – help me understand what you mean? They stare at you, as though you had just asked the most difficult question in the world. What they should have been saying was – Can you help us to deliver the performance we need, so that we can deliver our part of the overall strategy. If we keep trying to deliver culture change then a large (or small) organisation will have more cultural faces than big ben…….


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