Podcasting out loud

Photo by Ola Dapo on Pexels.com

On 3rd September I woke up and didn’t know I’d have an idea about a podcast. 12 weeks later, these are the things I’ve learnt.

  • Write stuff down. It doesn’t matter where, but as long as it’s somewhere you can aggregate all those little notes into something useful.
  • Brief the guests beforehand. I’ve pulled a pack together that every guest gets before the record.
  • Amend the briefing pack regularly. Every guest will get and give something different.
  • Just because you’re comfortable sharing your voice, that doesn’t mean everyone else is.
  • Spend time finding the right music. You’re going to be hearing it a lot when you edit and you’ve got to learn to love it.
  • Numbers don’t matter. Well they do, but your expectations shouldn’t drive you to chase them. You’re doing this for its own purpose – no-one else’s.
  • Get a good microphone – it makes a MASSIVE difference.
  • Marketing matters.
  • Some people will get sick of you talking about it and that’s cool. At the point you’re sick of talking about it, some people are JUST beginning to hear about it.
  • Trust the process. Work out the way you’re going to do it and stick to it.
  • Remind yourself your network is more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Again, I am entirely thankful to everyone who has contributed, amplified, shared, commented and supported the Women Talking About Learning podcast. You’re all heroes.

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