Whole new world

Photo by Musa Ortau00e7 on Pexels.com

When I started recording the podcast I entered a whole new world of learning. As well as having to learn the technical aspects of the podcast – recording, engineering, editing, hosting, cover art design, and show notes to name a few – I also had to learn how to speak.

I thought that speaking’s easy. I’ve done it for years and pretty much know how to do it. I’d class myself as having some expertise. What I failed to realise was how my voice sounded when recorded, the pace I spoke at, the volume, my accent, pitch and the annoying rhotacism I have when saying br- and pr- sounds.

The last episode of the podcast – The Voiceover One – opened my ears to how voice needs to be used more effectively in learning. From drab and dull podcasts, to uninspiring and poorly recorded audio on videos, to over complex scripts and rushed narration, I can raise my hand up for pretty much all of them.

I’m listening much more now – as they say you have two ears and one mouth and should use them in that proportion.

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